Is string same as its reversed string(i.e Is it a Palindrome)

Lately I have been reading up on interview related questions. One of the favorite interview questions interviewers have is to “write a program to check if a string is the same as its reversed string i.e check that a string is a Palindrone”. To make it more interesting, they ask to not use Array.Reverse.


using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System.Text;
using System.Xml.Serialization;
using Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting;

namespace UnitTestProject1
    public class UnitTest1
        public void IsStringSameAsItsReversedStringThatIsItIsAPalinDrome()
            var result=new StringHelper().IsStringSameAsItsReversedStringThatIsItIsAPalinDrome("Anna");
            Assert.AreEqual(result, true);

    public class StringHelper
         public bool IsStringSameAsItsReversedStringThatIsItIsAPalinDrome(string tempString)
                throw new ArgumentException();
            var tempStringLower= tempString.ToLower();
            var tempArray= tempStringLower.ToCharArray();
            var tempArray1 = Reverse(tempArray);
            var reversedString=new string(tempArray1);
            if (reversedString.Equals(tempStringLower))
                return true;
            return false;
        //This function just reverses a array of characters.
        private char[] Reverse(char[] characters)
            for(int counter=0; counter<characters.Length/2;counter++)
                char character = characters[counter];
                characters[counter] = characters[characters.Length - counter -1];
                characters[characters.Length - counter - 1] = character;
            return characters;

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