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Ajit Goel

Ajit Goel
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Technical Summary
Languages: ASP.Net MVC, ASP.Net, .Net 4.0\3.5, C#, Linq to Objects, Linq to XML, Entity Framework, Web services, Web API, WCF, SOAP, REST, Json, T-SQL, ADO.Net, VB.Net, PL\SQL, XML, XSL, JavaScript, Jquery, AngularJs, KnockOutJs, NodeJs, Meteor, Sharepoint, Windows Workflow, AJAX.
Databases: SQL Server, Database Design, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Oracle, MongoDB(NoSQL), Data Transformation Service (DTS).
Concepts\Methodologies: SOLID Principles/Object Oriented Development(OOD), Object Oriented Programming(OOP), Design patterns, TDD, Dependency Injection, Agile/Scrum/WaterFall/Kanban, Unit testing, N-Tier Architecture, Load balancing, SOA, DDD,UML.
Development Tools: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Profiler, JetBrains DotTrace, Toad, PL/SQL Developer, SQL Navigator, Team Foundation server, Visual SourceSafe, Rational Clearcase, SQL Profiler, PerfMon, Reflector, FxCop, TFS, Git, VSS, Visio, NAnt, CruiseControl.Net, WebStorm, Tableau.
Open Source and other tools: Moq, StructureMap, FluentValidation.Net, Elmah, Nlog, Telerik ASP.Net Controls, Microsoft Enterprise Application Blocks, AutoFixture, AutoMapper, Google YouTube API, ProtoBuf.Net, SquistIt, Microsoft Mobile Request toolkit.

Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics)

Professional Experience
RealPage Inc – Technical Leader 01/2007 – Current

Enterprise Online Leasing-Next Version
Enterprise online leasing application is designed to help Realpage customers market their properties online. It allows allows prospects to do everything from researching properties to leasing a unit and signing documents without the involvement of a leasing professional. It uses revenue management system to get real time market rent for a given apartment. This multi-million project involved creating the next version of Online leasing with the focus on client side interactivity and cross-browser compatibility.
Roles and Responsibilities
• Designed and architected framework in consultation with Vice President, Architect using partial views, ASP.NET MVC, KnockoutJs.
• Worked on technical specifications/design containing database design/UML diagrams which represents high level systems architecture for the project, complex workflow scenarios.
• Designed enterprise level services using classic(asmx) and WCF services.
• Enforced best practices in the areas of performance, memory management, scalability and fault tolerance of applications.
• Worked with developers and business analysts to meet business and technical expectations as well as department goals.
• Contributed greatly to increases in code quality and productivity through leadership and guidance in areas such as Test Driven Development, Refactoring and Agile Estimation and Planning
• Performance tuned application by nearly 30% for a very important client that was threatening to leave(Details on www.ajitgoel.net).
• Delivered working software every two weeks
Technologies Used: IIS 6.0, SQL Server, ASP.Net MVC, .Net 4.0, Web Services, WCF, JavaScript, KnockoutJs, C#, TFS, Linq to Objects, Linq to XML, ProtoBuf.Net, JetBrains DotTrace, Moq, StructureMap, Design Patterns, Tableau, OOD, OOP, TFS.

Enterprise Online Leasing
Roles and Responsibilities
• Extended the application object model using OOD, OOP to support the new functionality.
• Integrated an open source HTTP module which allowed a certain parts of an application to be secured with https protocol.
• Suggested and implemented ASP.NET 2.0 best practices including dynamic forms authentication, Master Pages, Skins\Themes to decrease the TTM.
• Conceptualized and implemented the full process of signing acrobat lease documents online, using asynchronous processing, iFrame, and web control.
• Improved the performance of the application “many fold” by using protobuf-net for serialization of cache files. Got many accolades from the upper management including the CEO of the company.

Mobile Portals
The “Mobile Prospect Portal” allows prospects who are out searching for an apartment to locate nearby communities via GPS and view full property details on their handheld devices. The “Mobile Resident Portal” gives residents the same mobility for paying rent, submitting service requests and staying informed about community issues.
Roles and Responsibilities
• Developed mobile application to support smart phone devices for “point of lease” prospects and residents.
• Developed Web Services based service layer.
• Implemented best practices for developing the application for smartphone devices.
Technologies Used: IIS 6.0, SQL Server, Web Services, ASP.Net, .Net, Web services, WCF, JavaScript, JQuery, Visual Studio, C#, Class Designer, Linq to Objects, Linq to XML, ProtoBuf.Net.

Wipro Technologies – Technical leader 08/2003 – 01/2007

Client: Capital Auto Finance
ADX\SNAP, Adverse Action-New ISR’s project: Poorly written Insert reason codes (i.e. ISR’s) used in COAF’s Adverse Action Letters, were remapped to new approved ISR’s. This involved changes in ADX- used for Sub prime Loan Underwriting, SNAP-used for Sub prime Auto loan funding, Emerald- used for prime Loan Underwriting / Auto loan funding.
DCIS project: This $3M project would integrate disparate and out of sync dealer databases from COAF and it’s newly purchased companies.
Roles and Responsibilities
• Created technical design, architecture documents.
• Functioned in a lead role, performed integration testing.
• For DCIS project, responsible for evaluation of address standardization and geocoding service among multiple vendors. This included building prototypes and working models.
• For DCIS project, was responsible for work estimation in person-man days.
• Defined the technical architecture and translated the project requirements into detailed designs.
• Designed external system interface architecture. Designed complex systems & made strategic technology choices.
Technologies Used: SQL Server, Web Service, Data Transformation Services (DTS), BizTalk Server 2004, ASP.Net, JavaScript, Visual Basic 6.0, Windows Script Host.

Client: Thomson Financial
WebStat-Sales Reporting: Designed and implemented a business management application in ASP.NET, SQL server, crystal reports.

Client: Verizon
FTTP-Phase I: This project was Phase I of a two phase project, to re-engineer a contact-center application used by the US based Verizon sales reps, by implementing a grounds-up architecture.
Roles and Responsibilities
• Worked as a Technical leader and managed a team of 11 people.
• Created technical design, coding standards, architecture documents.
• Responsible for integration of Microsoft Application Enterprise blocks like data access, Configuration, Exception handling, Logging, User Interface Process with the application and POC development of custom controls.
• Responsible for solution, design, work with business sponsors, enterprise architect and solution development teams to define conceptual solutions and developed detailed design documents.
• Responsible for gaining common understanding and approval of conceptual solutions and detailed solution designs and communicating the common understanding to the various application / technical resources.
Technologies used: SQL Server, Visual Studio, .NET, C#, VB.NET, XML, MS Visual SourceSafe(VSS).

Client: Pepsi
HH3 DSD Advantage: This is a sales application to be deployed on handheld devices used by Regional Sales Representatives. The application addresses the day to day activities performed by the RSR and a mechanism of synchronizing data with the middle tier.
Roles and Responsibilities
• Wrote functional specifications and use cases especially the common use cases
• POC development in different areas identified for the application for pocket pc with Sybase iAnywhere database.
• Development and testing of prototype which demonstrated one core functionality.
• Evaluated various approaches to improve prototype performance and set best practices for the team.
• Testing the prototype on Pocket PC 2002 and 2003 emulators as well as on an Intermic hand held device.
• Laying the framework for the prototype application so as to get a jumpstart at coding stage.
• Use case analysis, design of architecture, coordinating team of developers, focusing on OOAD.
• Key member of the task force to evaluate performance of critical application components and optimize them for maximum performance.
Technologies used: Sybase, Visual Studio, C#, XML, XSLT, .NET Compact Framework, MS Visual SourceSafe(VSS), OOD, OOP, Visio, UML, Design Patterns.

Ebusiness Design – Senior Developer 08/2000 – 03/2003

Client: SourceMedical
SourceRad: SourceRad is a $10 million web-based eRIS/PACS/Billing solution, used by 144 multi-site imaging center operators, all over the USA.
Roles and Responsibilities
• Increased the user response time of Medical Transcription, by a factor of two.
• Designed database solutions to eliminate database deadlocks.
• Tuned the nightly claim generation batch job run time to half and regeneration of claims from 300 to 3 seconds.
• Developed and delivered a component for XML construction and to manage communication with Data Layer.
Technologies used: IIS 5.0, ASP, JavaScript, Remote Scripting, Oracle, PL\SQL, SQL Navigator, Pl\Sql developer, Visual Basic 6.0, ActiveX control.

Client: General Securities
Cap Pricing Model (Financial Derivatives): Designed and delivered an application prototype in VB, SOAP, Sybase, MSXML 3.0.

Client: GoAmerica
WebVSS: Developed a web application for read/write access to documents into a centralized location in MS SQL 2000, ASP.

Roltanet India – Developer 02/1999 – 06/2000
Developed several web(eg: Help Desk, time sheet etc) and windows applications using MS SQL 2000, ASP and Visual Basic 6.0.